Haste Makes Waste

This week was a wash.  Not a play of Fallout 4 to be had.  I think writing the last entry convinced me it wasn't really what I wished it was.
I don't buy a whole lot of things for $300 that are smaller than two decks of playing cards
Instead, I took an extra day off blew it all playing Rimworld.   I set the difficulty rather low and ended up with five colonists, two of which who refused to do manual labor, and another two who were slowed by missing limbs replaced by low-grade cybernetic prosthesis.  Suffice to say, work on the colony was not being done at a satisfactory pace.

It's just as well I wasted a sick day, as my actual weekend was hijacked.  The majority of one day was spent entertaining the nephew.  The other day was spent backing up everything so I could go fully SSD on my desktop storage at last with a Samsung EVO 850.  Between that and the usual errands, the gaps that remained translated to zero gaming time over the weekend proper (other than what the nephew wanted to play, which was pretty much the same thing as last month).  

I did get to hang out on the roguelikedev subreddit a bit.  That was pretty good for motivation to work on my own.  However, this encouragement went largely without productive outlet since my desktop computer was under the knife.
Benchmark format: Random Read / Random Write, Sequential Read / Sequential Write.  The top benchmark is pure, AHCI-enabled performance, while the bottom benchmark is with "RAPID" enabled and is pretty hard to believe.
Thanks to making enough boneheaded mistakes to please a slapstick aficionado, the OS migration was not quite complete before it was time to head back to work.  However, I am happy to report that the major bugs were worked out during the evening after the first work day!

I am now ready to start doing some new, faster personal computing.  I have not had a chance to really break it in yet, but I can at least verify that Fallout 4's settlement part selector loads much faster.  I look forward to seeing how much more productive I could be with this faster, more reliable storage media... and perhaps how much effectively less productive, as well!


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