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Hope You Brought The Cheese

To once again take my reddit post to summarize how the week went:
Progress wasn't great this week.  I planned to take Thanksgiving weekend to get an extra day off to code, but this was denied by the usual antics of my needy and disaster prone immediate family.  I know, that's not very gracious of me to say, but this happens often enough that I have developed a superstition that my game development results in karmic ramifications.  What could have been about 2 1/2 days of potential productivity became one, if I'm lucky, and it is quite frustrating for me.

From where I was on my long-winded (bordering on pretentious) previous comment from last week, I have made some progress in the evenings after work.  I mentioned how I busted my Virtual GM class down to a map generation class and needed to do some design work.  This week, after some design conceptualization, I ended up with a good understanding as how these Virtual GMs are supposed to work and what their role is supposed t…

Walls And Text

I apologize if you were hoping this would be a blog entry about me killing Alduin, finally, and putting Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim behind me.  Truth of the matter is, I barely played Skyrim at all this week.

My character is so powerful now that Skyrim has deflated utterly, I have seen the man behind the curtain, and defeating Alduin is nothing more than playing a part in a pointless puppet show.  I actually tried going back to that magic user I mentioned, with the rationale that maybe I could get a balanced experience if I simply leaned completely on magic and avoided using weapons or armor.  Spell magnitude has a hard cap in Skyrim, it cannot be increased by enchantment or smithing, only temporarily by alchemy.
It practice, it seems Skyrim doesn't know what to do with magic users.  Even Alduin's Wall seems to believe the Dragonborn is going to be a sword and boarding heavy armor user, and it predicted everything else, so why not that?  You try being a pure magic user in Skyrim a…

Alduin Lives Just A Bit Longer

All I had to do was kill the great dragon that was ending the world.  I had one job, and now it looks like having two days left of vacation just won't be enough.
It is not that I have been procrastinating.  Excellent progress was made in my new playthrough of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:
My character was in his single digit levels last blog update.  Now he's in his 40s.I have maxed out my first skill tree (Enchantment) and heavy armor followed.  I suspect Smithing is next, although Alchemy is lagging far behind.I have completed all of the quests for The Companions (except, ironically, the one involving slaying a dragon).I am now up to A Cornered Rat in the main campaign, the middle of two of the three acts.  I suspect some of the latter quests will be quite a bit longer than the former ones.I have only been distracted by the constant onslaught of things Skyrim tries to distract the player with about a quarter of the time! But my greatest, most self-foiling thing against beating dow…

Alduin Dies This Vacation

It has been about six months since I took some time off, and it was not exactly in good circumstances considering it was to ease being forced from my home for awhile.  Lately, my introvert batteries have been severely drained by getting invaded by the young niece and nephew, and I decided it is about time for a week off to reallyrelax this time!

I love a good stay-cation.  Home is where the computer is.  So, aside from having 60 more hours of it to myself, this week will probably be spent the same as last week.

Last week was spent in pursuit of two things:
Indie game development on my own Roguelike Zorklike hybrid RPG.  My progress is unfathomable, but each session is good practice, and I aim for at least one session a day.Making progress in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Remastered Edition.  The goal is to kill Alduin, that nasty world-eating dragon, so I can finally say I did. In the last blog entry, I was bored of melee and was thinking of starting up a purely Illusion/Conjuration foc…