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Nothing Can Withstand My Fixed Vignettes

In terms of what happened this week, I can't say it was much:
Elite: Dangerous - Working towards an Anaconda via mining with a Python.  I can manage about 2.5M/hr.  I can find about an hour a day for that if I try.  I need at least 100M more for the Anaconda.  The math doesn't look like I'll be getting that Anaconda soon, but I honestly have no idea what I'll do with it when I do get it.  In fact, I'm considering saving up an additional 100M and just keeping the Python, since it's such a reliable do-anything workhorse.Tom Clancy's The Division - Level 25 now, played socially with a friend.  Of course, our schedules don't always match up, so I got a bit of solo play in in order to catch up.  Consuming the content of such an intricately realized New York at such a rapid rate seems a tad callous... oh, never mind, once you hit 30 you basically just tread the same area again.  4-5 times.  Guess I don't have to worry about completion before 30, then.Divi…

Frozen Developments

Another odd little week, but not quite as bad as the last.  It went quickly enough, it seems only a few things of note happened:

1. More unplanned use of vacation time due to adverse weather.

As "Winter Storm Decima" passes through the states, I bailed out early on Wednesday and it was perhaps a good thing I did because a lot of people underestimated just how hard the snow would hit.
I stayed home on Thursday for good measure.  I regretted that, on the grounds that the snow might have melted off enough that I could have made it for a few hours, but where me and weather driving is concerned it is better safe than sorry.

2. A bit of The Division.

I ended up playing it for part of Sunday evening and a lot of the following Friday and Saturday.  Me and a buddy from high school are now approaching level 20.
Before too much longer, we'll be at the end game, where leveling stops and gear grinding begins.

3. A lot of Elite: Dangerous.

This surprised me a bit.  After all, it seems th…

Much Jingling Of Auspicious Bells

It was a strange week, one of those that has me backtracking to pick up the pieces.

On Sunday, I called in sick.  The reason was fairly awful: I allowed my sleeping schedule to slip as the weekend began, and failed to correct this for long enough that it had been adding up for days only to come to a head on Sunday morning.  The illness was real in a way, as the fatigue was too overwhelming to do a good job at work, but it was one caused by my own foolish lack of foresight.  Recent events have me wondering if there might be more to that, a real bug complicating my fatigue.
Regardless, I made fair use of my time off, doing a solid 2-4 hours of development on my little Unity Roguelike pet project in between various errands, plays of The Division, and Elite: Dangerous.
On Monday, after work, I was still well on the wagon of indie game development, but it was more in the conceptual phase of things because I couldn't quite figure out how to do my procedural generation.  Instead, I revamp…


If you've read my last couple entries, you probably saw this coming.
I got a refurbished ultrawide monitor in the mail, so naturally I had to play with it a bit (mostly Elite: Dangerous) but despite full time work I still managed to sit down and continue to reinforce my game development habit nearly every day, which is good!  Keep this up, and I might actually end up finishing something for once.

With all my highfalutin talk about multiple concurrent "Virtual GM" processes last week, I may have lost track of my situation.  This little Unity Roguelike engine I am making isn't even a month old yet, and when I started I had chosen to scour the rust off my intermediate-at-best programming skills and start work in a hugely powerful IDE I never really seriously tried to make a game in before (though I had done a few tutorials).  So this week reality stepped right in and hit me in the face with the mackerel of Get Real!  Instead of any pie-in-the-sky bits of awesomeness lik…