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Schisms And Prisons

In what may turn out to be a terrible mistake, I have decided to split the blog up into three blogs, each dedicated to a specific category:
Gaming - What you are seeing here, basically me talking about things that should interest gamers.Game development - I have been dabbling with rolling my own.  Talk about that goes there.Real life - The most horrible thing ever. So, good news everyone!  The latter two won't be seen here anymore.  Gaming Stuff, GO!

[Edit 2/3/17: Nevermind.  I hardly have enough time to update one blog, let alone three.  Those other two were deleted just now.]

1. The realities of owning a pair of Sennhouser G4me One PC headphones.

I bought a set of headphones hoping to get accuracy of audio, expecting to be blown away by just how good it sounds.  What I ended up with was a set of headphones that very accurately produced sound.  I am not complaining about having accurate sound, but my expectation I would be blown away has been replaced by the reality of things bein…

Noises Of Past, Present, And Future

I am moping less now than I was last week, where I basically complained about being an adult.  I suppose I'll stick to gaming-related business now that I got that off my chest, the snow has melted off, and it is looking like we're back to business as usual.  That means many weeks of full time work without a snow day to be had.  If you can't beat your age, join it.

Granted, my gaming purchases this week look a lot like a mini mid-life crisis.  They are almost all I have to talk about during this week's entry.

First, some headphones.

While physically visiting Costco, I decided to browse the electronics section and made the mistake of trying on a demo pair of Bose QuietComfort 25s.  It sounded good.  Too good.  Fortunately, some knucklehead at Bose decided to run the noise cancellation feature off of replaceable AAA batteries, so I was easily able to resist the temptation to buy them.  However, it reminded me that I had a problem of audible discontent from last year and I …

My Jimmies Rustle Even In The Snow

This week has been one of record-breaking snowfall in my neck of the woods.  Living here in a valley of the pacific northwest, it is highly unusual to be hit with a sudden snowstorm that dumps about a foot of snow overnight, followed up by a freezing weather that goes as low as single digits.  It was enough to get a day off, guilt free, as the workplace was closed.
Four days later, the snow has transformed from a glorious winter wonderland into a nagging, persistent house guest.  The weekend is not quite as fun when I cannot just nip out for some fast food due to hazardous road conditions making that a perilous undertaking.  I bought a light and small car, hoping for added fuel efficiency, but the lack of mass is a real detriment when it comes to trying to drive in weather like this.

With my day job being a major community service (a public library) they've decided to stop being cautious and open at normal hours despite the fact that every night brings a new layer of black ice…

Everybody's Making Action RPGs

Earlier this week, I was quite optimistic and gung-ho to put some work into my own little pet project.  However, when the weekend arrived, I ended up derailed in ways I did not foresee.

First, I tried replaying Mass Effect 2.  I had seen somebody play it on The Escapist Magazine's twitch channel, thought that looked fun, and decided it was time to finish Mass Effect 3.  Only problem was, I lost my old Mass Effect 2 save, and I'd like to import it.  It seemed like as good excuse as any to  revisit the exciting adventure I had with Commander Shepard the first time!
Unfortunately, for three big reasons, I just could not get back into Mass Effect 2.
It was incompatible with my 21:9 aspect monitor, I couldn't get the ultrawide hacks to work, so I basically ended up having to play it in a borderless window at a more standard aspect.  It looked rather ugly to have my Windows 10 desktop poking out of the sides like that. I could not settle on a class for the protagonist (Shepard)…

Quadragenarian Quagmire

This week, in what little free time I had, I mostly played a lot of Earth Defense Force.
Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot more to say about that game this week than I had already said during the last.  Earth Defense Force 4.1 is a fun game involving lots of shooting giant insects and UFOs seasoned with a constant barrage of tongue-in-cheek humor that I feel is relatively-well delivered.

I guess I could say that Earth Defense Force may not get quite enough credit for the attention paid to the details.
The voice acted lines had to be delivered precisely with the right tone to work as satire, and they are.The lines had to be worded very carefully or the spoken lines would have been either too obviously glib or too serious, but they were written just barely inside reason of what someone might say in that situation until you think about it and realize it is a stupid thing to say if the situation were real.  Then they go on to repeat themselves deliberately in such a way that you real…