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Motivation Not Included

Friday was utterly consumed by Oxygen Not Included.
I mentioned Craft The World before, and this is basically the same idea in a Sci-Fi setting:
The base interactions are standard base management game shtick: you order something done, some minion of yours runs out and does it.  The perspective is a side view; it's like an ant farm with people.  The setting is an ambiguous future that performs space exploration by warping "duplicants" into the middle of alien planets.  It's a one-way trip. What makes this so fascinating is that you have a lot more things to keep track of this time around.

The needs of your duplicants include:
Oxygen - It's in the title for a reason.  Routing of various gasses is a perpetual forethought in playing.Food - Duplicants need to eat.Bathrooms - Duplicants need to resolve the consequences of eating.Water - Duplicants don't drink (yet), but water is used for everything from showers to generating more oxygen. Stress - Duplicants can get s…

Biohazards Abound

It's been a "fun" week.


I watched Markiplier play through the entirety of Resident Evil 7.  This had two big advantages:
I could be a scaredy babby who didn't have to play it myself.I could be a cheapskate who didn't have to buy the game. But it was indeed a pretty incredible looking game.  The level of detail of the scenes was well above average, and the scares they came up with hit just the right notes.  A solid reboot, but a spoiler to say anything else about it.

Then I went and bought Offworld Trading Company on sale.
I played it for 6 hours and thoroughly wished I never did.  As my Steam review puts it: If you were hoping for M.U.L.E. or any other game about forming a business in the crucible of the wonder that is offworld colonization, then this is not that game. However, if you like to win at games about number accumulation in real time, then you are in luck. Offworld Trading Company is the epiphany of real time number accumulation games!

The gamepla…

Divine Hindervention

I do not remember the last time I was actually excited to play a game, but Tales of Zestiria has managed to deliver.

If I had to try to guess why I’m enjoying it so much, it’s probably because they have set a very good pacing.  There is a colorful cast of characters, a good variety of locations to visit in the open world, and a story that drives you along at a merry pace that is well-conductive of adventure.

Due to trying to intersperse productivity between gaming sessions, I often limited myself to 1-hour-long sessions of Tales of Zestiria, and each time I came up for air I was pleasantly surprised at how much progress I felt like I made during that hour.  Perhaps I owe persistent state games for this feeling, because they generally stretch out the content to the point where nothing particularly new is introduced over a very long period of time.

Not only does Tales of Zestiria keep the story and its developments moving along at a far brisker pace than a typical persistent state game,…

A One Punch Blog Entry

Aside from abandoning my earlier planned idea to go with three blogs (since I hardly update the one), about the only interesting thing that happened this week was that I watched the entire first (and only released) season of One Punch Man.
Like many brilliant animes, its secret lies in a subtlety that many viewers would not pick up upon.  It is rich in gloriously styled huge hero fights that would be welcome in anything in the vein of Fist Of The North Star, Dragonball Z, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, etc.  However, despite the thrills and chills to be had in these incredible scenes, it is very much a parody work.

Our hero, Saitama, was basically just an out-of-his-luck unemployed man who was on his way home from another disappointing interview when he encountered one of the many horrible monster men who plague the many cities of his country.  Due to a silly prank performed by a young boy, this monster is on his way to destroy him.  At the last minute, Saitama intervenes, getting sig…