Doge Rogue, 1/2 days In

Doge Rogue is not like the usual concepts I overthink about.  I've opted to take a little vacation from those and derail into something deliberately silly in order to *practice finishing a game* for once.  

To these ends, and given I only had a weekend to do this, I'm using the excellent Rog Framework for Unity.  This means all the major parts of the roguelike game are pretty much already done before I've even started, including the tile engine, the pathing, the LOS, the AI, even the map generation.  After all, my goal is just to keep things as simple as possible so I can finish it within the weekend without getting distracted.

Outside of what I've been given, perhaps the most innovative thing I've done in the game is come up with procedural Doge speak.  As it turns out, it's pretty easy branching to build a string of inner monologue for a being whose thoughts might go, "Much damage.  So crit.  Wow!"  All the enemies similarly have been given flavor text customized for their attacks.  I've also added all the sprites for the enemies off of converted web assets.

After about 5 hours, I am pretty much done with the main flow of the gameplay, the maps, and adding the enemies.  Now I need to add the items, customize the UI, and tweak the balance.  Currently, most enemies are pretty much the same in game mechanics, but I've found I can do some fun things with a few minor changes.  For example, when Doge fights the Forever Alone meme the enemy does no damage but has a large hitpoint pool, pretty much encouraging the player to flee not because they have to but because they want to.  Forever alone indeed.  I plan to try to devise similar mechanics with the other mobs.

If the second day goes as swimmingly as the first, I hope to have my 7DRL released before that day is out.


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