Doge Rogue, My Less Than 7DRL

I probably don't have time for more than a 7 HOUR roguelike this year, but I need to practice finishing a game because I'm prone to overthinking.  So I had to force myself to keep things really simple to prevent my mind from wandering off.

To these ends, I decided to make a silly rogue with a meme theme.  Doge Rogue will be based off of the doge meme

I will be using the Rog Framework I bought earlier off of the Unity store, and that already includes pathing, LOS, energy systems, and other roguelike basics.  All I should really need to do is populate it with content and actions.

Planned features:
  • Doge needs to descend to the bottom of a procedural dungeon, fighting other memes in his quest to keep old memes buried.
  • The goal will be to get to the bottom, get the McGuffin, and then get back to the top level.
  • Interface will be customized with doge appropriate icons and such.
  • The action text will feature procedural nonsensical  meme messages.
Since I'm keeping my development time as short as possible, the game itself will be rather short.  5 small dungeon levels ought to do it.


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