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Bouncing Off ESO's Awful RPG Mechanics

Argh, I am wasting my time!  I just finished trying to get into Elder Scrolls Online, primarily because I felt like playing an MMORPG for the same old reasons and my top choices were basically this:
World of Warcraft - The game you should all be bored of by now.  Sure, it's still #1 in the West, but all it ever did was turn the theme park approach of MMORPGs into a science, and the fact it's so popular is why online virtual worlds have done little better than that.Final Fantasy XIV - A legitimate pretender to World of Warcraft's throne.  If you (somehow) still like theme park MMORPGs but you want a change, you might as well ditch your cowman and sign up for your chocobo license.Guild Wars 2 - This game's unconventional methods make it a nice respite from the traditional theme park approach.  Unfortunately, it still fails to not be a theme park.  Oh well, if you can't change your routine, you can at least try to look at it in a new way. Well, when I last bounced…

Making Procedural Generation Not Suck

"Procedural Generation" is becoming a bit of a dirty phrase in the modern gaming world.  Many players associate it as something leveraged only by hack developers to spam out boring, derivative content.  In order to find the solution, we must first understand the problem.

Semantics suck.

I hate to start quibbling over semantics, but this is part of the problem with why "Procedural Generation" is gaining so much stigma for so many players: the term is almost utterly meaningless.  "Procedural Generation," or "Rogue-like," or "Rogue-light" all pretty much mean the same thing to the general gaming public: some elements of randomness have been employed in generating content somewhere in the game.
I would first like to take a necessary detour to discuss the fate of the term, "Rogue."  Rogue is the game pictured in the screenshot above.  How the hell does it have ANYTHING to do with half the games with the tag on the Steam list?  It h…