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Pony Express Escape

The pace of this bizarro weekend was established by going to see My Little Pony: The Movie, out in theaters for about four weeks now.
I had fallen off the friendship wagon about a quarter way through season 5.  The movie, while essentially just a better-animated movie-length episode, succeeded in getting me back on board.  I have 2 1/2 seasons of pony to catch up on, and I couldn't be happier.  I hope I get pony Tetris effect.

My man card was pick pocketed by the newest cartoon series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  Like many, this rather surprised me, as the previous series were for little girls, catering to their intended audiences' love of horsies while talking down to them like only an 80s cartoon series could.  The next few generations of pony cartoons that followed were largely commercial cash ins that garnered little acclaim and were, at times, quite horrifying.  I would not in my wildest dreams have imagined I would ever be a fan of My Little Pony, of all thi…

The Ordeal

Another Bizarro weekend come and gone, and I have only one thing to show for it: a new ship with a "Black Friday" paint job.
I have successfully swapped my Python for an Anaconda in Elite: Dangerous.  Three times as expensive, it is a very large ship.  I think the Anaconda is a lot more interesting to fly, thanks to having unlocked tons of slots to play with, leading to it being overwhelmingly viable on every conceivable front.  However, the variety of activities available to me is still not quite as good as the Python thanks wholly to the fact that not all locations have a large landing pad, closing off half the destinations of the universe to me.

Considering the high costs involved in its utilization, upgrading, and basic maintenance, I've christened the ship, "The Ordeal."  The placement of the cockpit high and towards the back reminds me of its size constantly, as well as giving me a good view of the two large hardpoints in action.  That's quite satisfy…

Vapidly Vacating Vacation

When I wasn't trying to work on my own game or writhing in self-serving angst about how my staycation was effectively nullified, I was still largely playing Elite: Dangerous.
I have discovered that the missions offered by stations do offer an opportunity to diversify my tasks from mere mining without negatively impacting my credit balance.
Namely, there seems to be a lot of "boom delivery" missions which offer somewhere between 200K and 1.2M credits to a fellow with a good reputation, and all these really involve doing is going to a nearby destination and landing there.  Upon encountering a destination that does not have a similarly lucrative mission, I might load up with some limpet drones and make a mining run out of it on the way back to my home station.  This also widens the net to find some missions for mined ore.  Having these missions is a stroke of luck that largely multiplies the yield of the mining grind.    This additional variety has spiced up my Elite: Danger…

Decompression Stress

It's vacation week!  I supplemented my usual four days off part time schedule by scheduling to take the three days off that goes between them, and suddenly it became eleven days off.  I probably can't get away with a part time schedule forever, but it's good to enjoy it while it can.

I have not been using my time as productively as I planned.  I wanted to focus on my game development endeavors.  Instead, it seems having more free time makes focusing on doing productive things very difficult.  It is not so much that I work better under pressure as it is that there is a certain sense of weightlessness that comes with being depressurized.

Elite: Dangerous.
Speaking of which, I surprised myself by sinking some time into Elite: Dangerous.  Not a lot, mind you.  Frankly, what I do in the game is boring as snot.  I have reached the end game, and basically it is a long, torturous climb to attain one (or all) of the three big ships left above my current ship, the Python.  That requ…