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Molerat's Day Continues

As my misadventures in Fallout 4 continue, I've had, not one, but two additional characters since the last blog entry.  My previous characters been as much of a waste of time as trying to get a perfectly preserved pie.
Fallout 4 Attempt #6: Reinvent Character Advancement.

Douglas was basically conceived with the notion it would be cool to change the way Fallout 4 advancement normally works.  He would start with only the lowest score across all his core attributes, nothing gets distributed during character generation, but he earns double the perk points.  As perk points can be invested in raising his attributes, it broadens the decision process made each level up from a choice of attribute or perk to a choice of two attributes, two perks, or one of both.  It also allows for even more emergent growth of the character, each attribute point investment done while the game was in progress.

I installed the creation kit and tried to make this mod myself, but discovered it's really quit…

My Checkered Past in an Apocalyptic Future

My current revisit to Fallout 4 has been going about the same as it usually does with Bethesda open-world games: I play a new character long enough to be dissatisfied with them, start over another character, and consequently never quite get around to exhausting the content of the game. 
Over the 280 hours Steam has logged me playing Fallout 4, I have made a serious run with many characters, only to have it fizzle out before reaching the end game.  Lets see how many I can remember after jogging my memory with entries from this blog.

Attempt #1: The Perils Of Min/Maxing.

Fallout 4 was released November of 2015, the worst year in my recent life due to a long-running familial crisis that had only been getting worse over many successive months.  Things had finally come to a head, and this was a much-needed escape for me, familiar yet new.

My first impressions of the game were built on the back of my experience from previous open world Bethesda titles, so my first Fallout 4 character stuck …

Decadence On Display

It's hard for a lifelong gamer to get much done when E3 2018 is going on.   I largely spent the week glued to Twitch, playing a little Fallout 4 to get through the padding, mustering all the brilliant insights to be had as a jaded old gamer who lost his S-pen to an automatic flushing public toilet last week.
I seem to be accomplishing a lot in Fallout 4 without making any real progress on the story.  Now at about character level 28, fully 75% of the map has been explored, leaving mostly the dense city in the middle lower part uncovered.  I have liberated about 15-20 settlements, cobbling together many crude Sim Settlements of ambiguous use to my character.

Despite that, I have yet to visit even the first leg of the major quest, meet any companions other than Codsworth and Ada, or get involved in any of the major scripted events.  For example, I arrived at Vault 81, talked my way in, and then immediately turned around before I got involved!  It seems I have blown off the story segm…

Weariness At The End Of The World

Upon revisiting Fallout 4 (with plenty of mods) I was a little surprised to notice that this two-and-a-half year old game is significantly more gorgeous than Conan Exiles.
The mods Enhanced Lights and FX and Vivid Fallout probably have something to do with the gorgeousness on display.  Even so, this must have been a great base game to work on if it has endured that well!

The content is nothing to sneeze at, either!  The world is large and you would be hard pressed to find one of this size with a greater density of content.  I have played for 219 hours, but this is over several new games, so I have only really extensively explored the upper left corner of the map where you start.  I rarely ever wandered south of Diamond City or east of The Castle, nor played ANY of the DLC content: Far Harbor, Nuka-World, nor the campaign segments of Automatron.  So there is still a lot for me to see!

Why have I not managed to do that?  Maybe because 2015 was a really bad year for me, thanks to person…