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Holding a Candle, Sensing a Theme

Since I seem to be on a bit of a nostalgic bent lately, the first couple days of this extended Bizarro weekend were mostly spent watching people play Magic Candle II on YouTube. 

Many people have fond memories of this old school RPG from 1991, but personally I seem to recall picking through the digital sound files in the game directory for some reason, which was a cool find because that level of fidelity in digital sound was pretty rare back then.  I must have been about 15 at the time, remember playing it, but apparently not as much as I would have liked.
There seems to be two longplays of Magic Candle II currently on YouTube.  This one is played at a slower pace of someone who is muddling through like a real player would, but after 13 hours he only got to the first major step of the quest and lost interest.  The Magic Candle II is a huge game. Though some might consider The Magic Candle series to be an Ultima series clone (including whoever wrote up the MobyGames article) it actual…

Reality Is An Assertive Bastard

Starcrawlers turned out to be as many others have said: a good core RPG experience whose long and frequent combats eventually get overbearing and tedious.  Essentially, it has pacing issues.  In comparison, The Bard's Tale remake seems to have a little bit more longevity, despite being dated.
Though I'm fairly grateful that GameHoarder provided a good watch of The Bard's Tale remastered, I'm also frustrated that he's not very good at it. I think the pacing problem in Starcrawlers originates in the special effects.  What it accomplishes in a few-second-long animation, The Bard's Tale accomplishes instantly with a single descriptive line of text.  On the other hand, The Bard's Tale takes quite a bit longer to resolve those area of effect damage spells, so perhaps there is something else at work.

Regardless, I am not anxious to jump from one game to the other because, in many ways, The Bard's Tale original trilogy is a rather obsolete artifact of a bygone t…

Crawling Through Space

I was stretched a little thinner than usual this bizarro weekend. 
My house is now host to the full menagerie of my sister's pets, three dogs and two additional cats, which I feel is altogether too many pets to give adequate attention to.  On top of that, I have opted to volunteer for substitute hours to try and supplement my part time wages, and ended up training for two locations in one day while fighting some kind of bug, which was exhausting and disorienting.  Meanwhile, it seems my sister and her ex have decided to have a good old fashioned custody battle, a situation where emotions run high, and thus the potential for acts of incredible stupidity are elevated in my immediate proximity.   I crave a life of peace and solitude, but there seems to be little of that here. 

Oh well, I likely would just fritter it all away in computer game addiction anyway.  Surprisingly, despite the fact that I have both No Man's Sky and Monster Hunter: World to play, I ended up captivated enou…

What's next after NEXT?

This bizarro weekend, I mostly played more No Man's Sky while getting over my dearly departed cat.  Honestly, having lost two cats in the span of nine months I'm getting to be old hat at this and, after the worst was over, the biggest blow to my post-catus ego came when I walked into a supermarket only to realize the cat aisle is not for the likes for me anymore.  The inner ape doesn't like change to things I've been doing for almost 15 years.
Rest assured, inner ape, my conscious mind fully intends to play computer games as long as I can.  Along these lines, No Man's Sky is a surprisingly low-tempo operation.  Seriously, I've got over 60 hours of play into this new character I rolled up for NEXT, and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface in some ways.  My inventory remains not-fully-upgraded, my freighter merely the one that I first rescued two weeks ago.  What progress have I even been making?

Well, the biggest progress would seem to be that both …

Goodnight, Sweet Kitten, Again

It is suggested by many veterinarians that you have as many litter boxes as you have cats, plus one.  This time last year, we had three cats and two litter boxes.  As of this morning, the formula has been adjusted to the correct number on the cat end of things.

The preceding January had me write an entry largely honoring one dead cat, and this entry will serve the purpose of another.  This is, after all, a personal blog where I largely catalogue what I have been up to in my free time.  For obvious reasons, my thoughts dwelled here more than No Man's Sky, where I continue to make slow progress in a slow game.

The recently deceased would be my original cat, adopted roughly 14 years ago as a lost forlorn kitten discovered underneath a shipping crate at my mom's work and assumed abandoned.  I wanted to try having a cat of my very own, and my mom knew it, so I was alerted of the kitten's plight.  After much coaxing and offerings, wondering if an enraged mother stray might appea…