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Engineering Solutions To Unsolid Ground

About this time five years ago, I was eagerly anticipating the release of X Rebirth, a game that unfortunately crashed and burned upon launch.  However, it seems that this was merely history repeating itself, as Egosoft did the same thing the last time they jumped up to a new engine with X3: Reunion.

Just like with X Rebirth, X3 Reunion was a narrative-heavy experience that paired a male swashbuckling space protagonist with a capable female copilot that dragged him along on an adventure to save the universe.  X3 Reunion even had her take the controls as you performed on-rails shooting segments which had been done better virtually everywhere else.  X Rebirth had no shooting segments, but this did not save it from being insufferable due to bugs, optimization problems, and ill conceived features.
X Rebirth's launch was a disaster.  However, Egosoft impressed me by taking the general commercial failure that was X Rebirth and spending four entire years attempting to fish it back from th…

Bleak Friday

Thanks to Black Friday, I dropped an awful lot of money on entertainment this week, but did not get a whole lot of chance to play with it.

Item number one is a Samsung Odyssey+, not yet here, but a high quality Windows Mixed Reality HMD that was slashed down to "only" $300 during Black Friday.  When it arrives, it should be much better looking than my existing Oculus Rift.  Though it might not work for me due to reports that many people have difficulty with the fit.  It will be a shame to let that nice screen go, but in that event I will have to return it.

Since I am good and enthused about VR right now, I went ahead and bought a bunch of VR titles on the Steam Autumn Sale.  So far, I have only played a bit of Battlezone Gold and Cosmic Trip.  The former is an excellent VR arcade tank game, well in line with the tradition of the original arcade game.  The latter is a highly creative take to tower defense that is morbidly underrated.
I still have another four excellent VR gam…

Fall Outs, Fall Downs, Fall Forwards

As Thanksgiving break loomed around the corner, I purchased Fallout '76 and Underworld Ascendant, two games so freshly released that we do not even have metacritic scores for them yet.  What do I, jaded gamer extraordinaire, have to say about them?


They are pretty much in the same boat: not perfect, a bit kludgy in ways, but tolerable for what was promised.  Barely worth a play, but that's still a reasonable accomplishment considering we're somewhat spoiled for choice right now.
Fallout '76 is basically multiplayer Fallout 4, an idea that looks good on paper but when you actually put it into practice you find yourself asking, "Why?"
Why did I think I would want to have a bunch of greasy young randos running around while I'm busying myself with the usual chores of looting and killing post-apocalyptic horrors?Why did anyone think the appeal of the Fallout series was in the dreary monotony of looting and inventory management?Why did they thin…

Just Geeking Out

It is tough to come up with a recent topic that is not steeped in anxiety.    
My little brother's weed dependence is leading to a behavior problems again,  which is a potential major life disruption to the rest of us, and I feel he is responsible for that considering it was his choice.  That was the topic of last week's entry, but it was up for less than a day because I figured he had trouble enough without me shouting it from the rooftops.  We'll be talking this out in a more official capacity soon.
Aside from that, I was working too hard and too often to have a lot of time for quality procrastination.  My first two day off week in a month, and it was ruined by that drama.  
But I suppose I had a few fun things happen over the last two weeks.
At some point, I got and played Haque.  It's a pretty good roguelike, mostly owed to its unique presentation and charming utilization of retro graphics.  Those special effects are actually a lot more advanced than they look, comple…