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Just Wanting To Have Fun Used To Be Enough

It's been a odd bizarro weekend, thanks largely to the common cold taking up residence in my upper respiratory system and adding its own viral lens to my already wonky perspective brought about by mixture of gaming apathy and a quarter-life crisis that has gone on for so long that it has merged with the midlife one.
If I were to arrange the reason I waste so much of my free time up on a corkboard with push pins and bits of string connecting the various bullet points of my life problems (like some kind of hopelessly obfuscated tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist trying to make sense of it all) those bullet points would look something like this:
I have played so many computer games that it is core to my identity.  I game, therefore I am.But, having played so many, I'm actually rather finicky about what kind of game I want to play because chances are I have already bored myself to tears on a better version of any given game already.  (Or perhaps I have played them long enough to find …

Perspiring Ever Onward

With E3 2019 receding behind us now, I have returned to business as usual, and business as usual is that I am an overly anxious fellow who wastes too much time trying to do things and not enough actually doing them.

Now Playing: Skyrim VR and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

I am still playing these two games, and I do not have much excuse as to why.

Granted, Skyrim VR is not a terrible game, even as one that added VR as an afterthought.  In terms of having huge, immersive open worlds with scads of hand-crafted content, it is second only to Fallout 4 VR, but Skyrim VR has a far-more-compatible implementation for those of us who can not afford Vives.  (Even on the Vive, Fallout 4 VR is not without compatibility problems.)  But I have already mentioned my reservations about Skyrim VR, that the long term purpose is already proven lacking, and I stand by that.
Nevertheless, my new "pure mage" build gives me a number of nice "toys" to play with, in terms of various spell…

E3 2019, Burned Out Adult Edition

E3 2019 had the interesting feature of being mostly over before it even begun.  All of the major publishing companies rented out their own venues before the event in which to give their press conferences, with the exception of Nintendo.

Perhaps it's a little early to write an E3 summary, considering it is going on for another day and a half but, if they can finish early, so can I.   It does not look like I missed a whole lot.  By and large, the bigger standouts for me went like this:


Google breaks into running their own gaming portal with Google Stadia.  For the low, low price of $60/mo (including the $50 extra you'll pay your ISP for the bandwidth you need to do it) you can play a small selection of games that run on cloud servers that magically make latency not happen.  On the upshot, you won't need to buy (much) hardware to do it.
The Outer Worlds - Had a decent gameplay showing, it is looking very much to be Fallout: New Vegas in space, and that's…

Eve of Commercial Deluge 2019

It seems I was successful in addressing the air quality complaints from last week, as it has been a pretty standard bizarro weekend for me.  As usual, I tried to motivate myself to work on my own indie development endeavors.  As usual, I was distracted by randumb browsing and the same old games, if only because they are fairly unbeatable in their own right.
Middling progress was made all around. 
I managed to get a map initialized and scattered with some basic actors in my little holodeck warring simulator, perhaps I'll have something more substantial before the day is out. In my new "pure mage" Skyrim VR run, I have once again began the first steps in joining the ranks of the college of Winterhold, including some cutting room floor content that was restored except I am not entirely sure it actually rewarded me anything. 

I might go ahead and reinstall the Apocolypse mod as, unbalanced or not, the spell variety feels a bit lacking by default, especially for a pure mage. …